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More season 3 reviews: Mo Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, Tim Goodman and NY Times

By Winter Is Coming on

Three more reviews to add to the pile. First up, is Mo Ryan for The Huffington Post: The version of “Game of Thrones” that executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have created is a meditation on power and its … Continue reading

HBO gets clever in advertising season 3

By Winter Is Coming on

Readers of one of the biggest newspapers in the US, the New York Times, were treated to quite a surprise today while thumbing through their Monday edition. Dragons! There have also been reports that dragons may be flying about IMDb.com … Continue reading

Interviews galore: Dinklage, Harington, Headey and more

By Winter Is Coming on

With days to go until the premiere, the interviews with cast and crew are coming fast and furious. Here are some good ones… First, this profile piece on Peter Dinklage by Dan Kois, published in the New York Times, is … Continue reading

More season two reviews

By Winter Is Coming on

The reviews for season two of Game of Thrones continue to come in and most are positively glowing. I’m not going to try and link to all of them, but here are some notable ones. Mo Ryan of The Huffington … Continue reading

Thrones now 2nd most watched show on HBO, 3rd most in network’s history

By Winter Is Coming on

A recent article from the New York Times focusing on the competition between Showtime and HBO has revealed updated audience totals for some of HBO’s shows. And what do you know, Game of Thrones has now passed Boardwalk Empire to … Continue reading

UPDATED: A tale of two reviews

By Winter Is Coming on

I know we have a continually updated review post, and that one will continue to get updates with all of the various and sundry reviews. But these two were noteworthy enough to get their own post, I believe. First, James … Continue reading

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