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Game of Thrones gets the Super Mario World and Hearthstone treatment

By Lightbringer on

In the category of very cool things inspired by Game of Thrones, these two things fit the bill. NicksplosionFX has re-created the opening credits sequence of Game of Thrones, except it’s set in Super Mario World. An epic pixelated journey … Continue reading

Recreate the opening credits with this 4D puzzle of Westeros

By Winter Is Coming on

Are you someone who sits through the opening credits every time you watch an episode of Game of Thrones? Have you rewatched the Emmy-winning sequence dozens of times on Youtube? If so, this 4D puzzle of Westeros may be for … Continue reading

GoT Laughs: Opening credit mashups

By Winter Is Coming on

In honor of the show casting someone who once appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I give you the Game of Thrones credits, Buffy-style.

GoT Laughs: Thrones cast sings the theme song

By Hear Me Roar on

MTV Geek! went original on the red carpet at the premiere, and asked the cast to sing the Thrones opening title theme. This resulted in some nervous laughs, paired with singing attempts of varying quality. This Tumblr entry gives you all of … Continue reading

GoT Laughs: If Game of Thrones aired in 1995 …

By Hear Me Roar on

… then the opening titles would look something like this. We could not wait with this one until Saturday. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

The Simpsons spoof Thrones opening credits

By Winter Is Coming on

Last night’s episode of The Simpsons had a Game of Thrones-inspired opening sequence, complete with Ramin Djawadi’s rousing theme. Check it out! Winter Is Coming: The three-eyed crow reference is perfect.

Game of Thrones wins Emmy for Main Title Design

By Winter Is Coming on

The Creative Arts Emmys awards ceremony was held tonight in Los Angeles and the winners of all of the technical categories were announced. Game of Thrones was nominated for nine different Creative Arts awards and ended up taking home the … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Infographics, games, names and pranks

By Winter Is Coming on

Game of Thrones has some complex relationships, so what better way to keep track of them all than through an infographic? hauteslides has created one that shows the various character connections. It is spoiler free, for those worried about that. Bart … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Opening theme covers, interviews and podcasts

By Winter Is Coming on

As we gear up for episode three, here are some small news items from around the web: The covers of the opening theme music continue, with two new heavy metal versions popping up, one from Arnold Nesis and the other … Continue reading

Thrones’ opening credits attracting much attention and acclaim

By Winter Is Coming on

The opening credits for Game of Thrones have attracted a lot of attention and acclaim. As soon as the screeners went out the praise started, with many critics saying Thrones‘ opening credits are deserving of an Emmy. For the one … Continue reading