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Game of Owns: Growing Strong

By WiC Staff on

Episode 204 – Growing Strong iTunes | Download | RSS Game of Owns is joined by a guest and new friend of the show in a fresh session of group therapy, as the events of last week’s Thrones celebrations have … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Trailer Titans

By Lightbringer on

Episode 203 – Trailer Titans iTunes | Download | RSS Game of Owns takes a look at Tuesday night’s special “The Politics of Power” and HBO’s third trailer for this upcoming Game of Thrones season.

Game of Owns: Shelter Stumble

By Lightbringer on

Episode 202 – Shelter Stumble iTunes | Download | RSS GOO returns four hosts strong to catch up on Season 4 related news, indefinite conclusions, and much much more.    

Game of Owns: The Hedge Knight IV

By Lightbringer on

Episode 201 – The Hedge Knight IV iTunes | Download | RSS Egg’s true identity has been revealed, and Dunk must face what is left following his crimes against the Kingdoms. Today, we end The Hedge Knight.    

Game of Owns: The Hedge Knight III

By Lightbringer on

Episode 200 – The Hedge Knight III iTunes | Download | RSS In this third installment of The Hedge Knight, Game of Owns turns 200 and rests on the shoulders of Dunk himself as the tournament at Ashford is now … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Monday Newsings

By Lightbringer on

Episode 199 – Monday Newsings iTunes | Download | RSS Dunk and Egg enjoy a brief leave of absence to allow your heroes an opportunity for catchup on some of the exciting news and official releases bleeding into more hype … Continue reading

Game of Owns: The Hedge Knight II

By Lightbringer on

Episode 198 – The Hedge Knight II iTunes | Download | RSS Amidst a royal entrance and campsite intruderling, Dunk faces a few unexpected problems. In order to compete in Ashford’s tournament, Dunk must prove that he is a knight. … Continue reading

Game of Owns: The Hedge Knight

By Lightbringer on

The people have spoken. Today, Game of Owns begins a quest through the Tales of Dunk and Egg! Episode 197 – The Hedge Knight iTunes | Download | RSS Three brave heroes embark on a journey through time, a time … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Trailer Vengeance

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode 196 – Trailer Vengeance iTunes | Download | RSS The break is over. GOO returns with a viewing and reviewing of the latest Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer.    

Game of Owns: Holy Drogon

By Lightbringer on

Episode 195 – Holy Drogon iTunes | Download | RSS February’s second Sunday brought forth a monster in your heroic hosts, please enjoy this special episode in the wake of dumbfounded excitement for HBO’s Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing. Bring … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Deep Breath

By Lightbringer on

Episode 194 – Deep Breath iTunes | Download | RSS Clash has passed in the show’s rearview mirror, and it is time to look forward as Season 4 so quickly approaches. Your hosts of GOO have a question, will you … Continue reading

Game of Owns: A Clash of Kings

By Lightbringer on

The hosts of Game of Owns are putting the final bow on their read-through of A Clash of Kings as they reflect on the book as a whole and deal out the ultimate Owns. Episode 193 – A Clash of … Continue reading

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