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Three-Eyed Raven brings its final visions–finally with clues

By Ani Bundel on

HBO’s Three-Eyed Raven Snapchat-style viral marketing scheme to promote Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. Once again, your final “vision” depended on who you were. Some people saw Brienne and Pod–a pair of characters we have the … Continue reading

Brienne and Pod, and Knights of the Vale seen filming at Sallagh Braes

By Lightbringer on

As we know, filming of Game of Thrones Season 5 is well underway. We’ve already seen a few teases from the set at The Wall courtesy of Carice van Houten, and now, thanks to Fireandblood10 on Reddit, we have our … Continue reading

Daniel Portman on impressing Brienne, and an upcoming ear biting

By Lightbringer on

After a rocky start, Brienne of Tarth’s new squire, Podrick Payne, continues to impress with his knowledge of Westeros as they carry forward on their journey to find the Stark girls. In a new interview with Vulture, Daniel Portman talks … Continue reading

Daniel Portman on the new odd couple of Pod and Brienne, and saying goodbye to Tyrion

By Lightbringer on

The only thing that could make us feel better about loyal Squire Podrick Payne having to say goodbye to Tyrion, is that he is now in the service of Brienne of Tarth, who is due for another road trip. In … Continue reading

Is the Trout out?

By Fire And Blood on

This and other mysteries continue to plague us here at House Gatewatch on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis! And it’s high time we talked about them. WARNING: there be A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers below, to and … Continue reading

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