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Curtain Call: Elyes Gabel

By Fire And Blood on

Amrita Acharia’s anguish echoed across the Red Waste, and just like that, shockingly, we knew it was over. One of the more quietly brilliant characters on Game of Thrones had met his maker. Irri’s sobbing words said that she feared … Continue reading

George provides fresh casting news: Rickon and MMD cast

By Hear Me Roar on

GRRM is back, baby! Dealing with heaps of work and correspondence awaiting him upon his return from Australia, he came around to updating us on the progress of the show. At least the bits he’s familiar with after the long … Continue reading

Jhogo and Gendry cast

By Fire And Blood on

In George R. R. Martin’s latest Not A Blog entry, he confirms what our resourceful Winter Is Coming posters had already figured out: You’ve nailed two more correctly. “The bloody lash knows what it’s like to be dead. He’s met … Continue reading

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