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Richard Madden reminiscences about Red Wedding

By Ani Bundel on

Thought he’s moving on to genuine movie star status with his role as “The Prince” in Disney’s live action Cinderella, Richard Madden is still very good-natured about answering questions about Game of Thrones. With his demise during the Red Wedding still … Continue reading

Words Are Wind: Guest right

By Scott Andrews on

“Words are wind” is a common phrase in A Song of Ice and Fire, usually used to say “talk is cheap.” But that’s a view that underestimates both the power of words and wind themselves. In this “Words Are Wind” column, contributor Scott … Continue reading

Game of Thrones’ 25 Best Hairstyles, Ranked

By Ani Bundel on

Game of Thrones is known from many things, from surprise stabbings to nudity to dragons and zombies to complicated political intrigue. But like any good history-based series, two of the most important visuals for the characters are the costumes and the … Continue reading

Curtain Call: Richard Madden

By Fire And Blood on

When I met Richard in 2012, it was for an interview we were doing with Simone Boyce. It was, in fact, the first on-camera interview I ever did with Simone, and I didn’t really know what to expect. You hear … Continue reading

Character profile videos for Robb Stark and Stannis Baratheon

By Hear Me Roar on

Not only were there a preview and a new trailer, but a Robb Stark profile video started airing on HBO as well. Here we have it embedded for you, courtesy of darquemode, who once again stepped up to the challege. … Continue reading

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