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James Purefoy says he won’t do Game Of Thrones

By Ours is the Fury on

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, James Purefoy says that he won’t be doing Game of Thrones, and that his Rome co-star Kevin McKidd is in agreement. Purefoy is currently promoting his new TV show The Following in which … Continue reading

Rome: The Movie?

By Winter Is Coming on

There is talk that a movie may be in the works for Rome. James Hibberd from The Hollywood Reporter writes on his blog: Bruno Heller says he wants to produce a theatrical wrap-up to his critically beloved and prematurely canceled … Continue reading

Money makes the world go ’round

By Winter Is Coming on

The evil of producing a medieval fantasy series such as this one is that it is expensive. To make it look good is very expensive. So what kind of budget is Game of Thrones likely to get? If we look … Continue reading

Who is Carolyn Strauss?

By Winter Is Coming on

When the press release went out regarding HBO’s decision to order a pilot for Game of Thrones it was revealed that ex-HBO employee Carolyn Strauss (shown at right on the set of Rome) was an executive producer on the project. … Continue reading

Waiting is the hardest part

By Winter Is Coming on

No official timetable has been set for when the pilot will begin filming, nor when they expect the pilot to be fully completed and ready to show to HBO. Let’s try to take a guess, though, shall we? We know, … Continue reading

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