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Pages of Tyrion’s speech from “The Laws of Gods and Men” script released

By Lightbringer on

It’s not often we get to see an original Game of Thrones script, so this is a real treat. Entertainment Weekly has exclusively released pages from one of the most important sequences we’ve seen so far this season: Tyrion’s trial. … Continue reading

The North Remembers: WiC.net 3 years ago

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House Gatewatch has come a long way. So long, in fact, that we can now gaze a full three years into the past and relive the magical moments of following the production of our favourite TV series. For those new … Continue reading

George finishes his script

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On Tuesday, George R.R. Martin handed in the script, more precisely the first draft, of the ninth episode he is writing for the second season: Today I delivered the first draft of “Blackwater” to Dan and David. (Finally) A bit … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Rising stars, blog buzz, and a comic

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Another round-up of a veritable host of minor items from the past fortnight or so: This just in: Episode 3 bears the title ‘Lord Snow’ and will run for 58 minutes on May 1. There are loads of Game of … Continue reading

Script Outline: A Clash of Kings

By Fire And Blood on

Ain’t this just like us, leaping ahead again, putting the cart before the slave, etc. But the way we see it, it’s never too early to plan for things you really want, and boy, do we want season 2! So … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Malta once more, read-through, and focus group

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A whole bunch of minor and slightly less minor points this Sunday: Adam ‘Werthead’ Whitehead of The Wertzone (say it out loud five times in a row, I dare you) has written a great summary piece on Malta locations doubling as King’s Landing … Continue reading

Lombardo talks up Thrones in Vanity Fair

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO co-president Michael Lombardo was interviewed recently for an article over at Vanity Fair discussing HBO’s ability to garner so many Emmy nominations and wins. While he touches on many aspects of HBO’s formula for success, above all, Lombardo credits … Continue reading

Thrones cast heads to Belfast

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With filming only days away now, it sounds like much of the cast is descending on Belfast as final preparations for shooting the first season of Game of Thrones commence. A report from the set indicates that Sean Bean is … Continue reading

Q&A session at the C2E2 con

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After the reading from A Dance with Dragons George R.R. Martin gave at the Chicago convention, there was time for about 10 minutes of questions, the reader Lady Narcissa reports at Westeros forums. George talked about aging up characters for … Continue reading

George working on the script

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Before leaving for the Chicago convention, GRRM left a message on his LJ about his writing progress in the post script(s): (P.S. Had a good day writing today. Half the day on the book, half the day on the script. … Continue reading

GRRM busy watching audition tapes

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In his recent post, George R.R. Martin provides a busy to-do list which also includes reviewing of audition tapes: All I have to do now is write my script for the HBO series, finish editing the new Wild Cards book … Continue reading

GRRM on recasting Catelyn and writing his script

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George R. R. Martin posted to his Not A Blog yesterday with some comments on the Catelyn recasting and his upcoming script writing. Being under the weather for a couple weeks there has put me seriously behind on everything, I’m … Continue reading