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Exclusive! New Set Pictures from Magheramorne Quarry

By Ani Bundel on

With filming in Croatia basically over, and our Spain locations wrapping up, we turn our attention again to Northern Ireland, where the show has set up not one, but two filming locations in Magheramorne Quarry. A couple of our enterprising … Continue reading

“Winter Is Coming”: WiC Remembers, Season 1, episode 1

By Rowan Kaiser on

There may be better pilots than “Winter Is Coming.” But there aren’t many that succeed with such a high degree of difficulty. It ain’t a perfect pilot, but it could have been much, much worse. “Winter Is Coming” has three … Continue reading

Kit Harington says the Battle of Castle Black is “as big as TV goes”

By Lightbringer on

All season long, Jon Snow has been warning Alliser Thorne that a Wildling army one hundred thousand strong is approaching Castle Black. Those warnings have fallen on deaf ears, while another band of Wildlings has been slicing a trail towards … Continue reading

“Ascend the Wall”, a virtual reality trip up the Wall, debuts at GoT exhibit

By Winter Is Coming on

The press release sent out for this year’s Game of Thrones: The Exhibition promised a new interactive exhibit. It didn’t give any details to what exactly it would entail, however. But now that the exhibit has opened in NYC, we’ve … Continue reading

Looking Forward Season 4, Part 8: The Wall

By Oz of Thrones on

First of all…  Happy New Year!  Here’s to 2014 being a prosperous one for each of you and may we all experience an epic Season 4. Join me for a walk in a winter wonderland.  The Wall looks to be … Continue reading

Next two Mondo posters revealed, to go on sale today

By Winter Is Coming on

Mondo has revealed their latest two limited-edition Game of Thrones poster designs. Here they are, courtesy of io9 and IndieWire. “North of the Wall” will be sold for $45 and “Harbinger” for $50 (there is also an alternate version for … Continue reading

MGoT: Hi-res stills of Westeros landscapes

By Winter Is Coming on

Some beautiful photos posted over at Making Game of Thrones. They are still shots of the completed CGI work on King’s Landing, Winterfell and the Wall. These babies will make for some great wallpapers. Click on each to bring up … Continue reading

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