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What is The War of the Five Kings?

By Rowan Kaiser on

Winter Is Coming wants to be the central location for Game of Thrones fans–including explanations and analyses of the show’s story and the world of Westeros. First up: “The War of the Five Kings”! What is the War of the Five … Continue reading

Sunday GoT Laughs Original: 50 Ways

By Oz of Thrones on

Greetings from your Unsullied village idiot!  Yesterday was a somewhat uninspiring slate of American College Football, so yours truly fooled around and came up with some Sunday silliness for your reading pleasure.  If you are in the mood, read on.  … Continue reading

Alfie Allen talks Theon with Wired

By Winter Is Coming on

Wired has posted a video interview with Alfie Allen where he talks about his character, Theon. Not much new revealed here, but Alfie is always entertaining. Winter Is Coming: This is probably a good post to open up discussion on … Continue reading

Saturday’s GoT Laughs: Parody and a game of Stones

By Hear Me Roar on

Seanzoz of Foolhardy Originals completes the S2 series of GoT Parody:

Saturday’s GoT Laughs: Ep 15 Parody, Theon, and Ygritte

By Winter Is Coming on

You are going to have reach way into your memory banks and recall the events of episode 15, which aired a whole 13 days ago, to enjoy the latest Game of Thrones Parody video from seanzoz.

New Theon character profile video

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO waited until this week to release this one, presumably so as not to spoil Yara’s trolling of Theon in the most recent episode. There is still some new footage to be found in here, as well as interviews with … Continue reading

Access Hollywood interviews Alfie Allen

By Hear Me Roar on

Access Hollywood continues their countdown to Game of Thrones season 2 premiere, this time by talking to Alfie Allen in the pivotal role of Theon Greyjoy. Below is an excerpt without any spoilers. Make sure to click the link for the … Continue reading

Clarke, Addy, Allen interviewed… and Dormer too

By Fire And Blood on

It feels like everything’s really starting to ratchet up now, eh? Maybe the dog days of No Info are done! Three Four recent interviews dropped; one with Emilia Clarke, another with Mark Addy, a third with Alfie Allen, and, finally, … Continue reading

As Seen on TV: Game of Thrones to feature many new scenes

By Winter Is Coming on

Something became evident the first time I read the leaked pilot script almost two years ago now (wow, time flies), and that is that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were not shy about inventing new scenes for this adaptation. … Continue reading

Alfie Allen considers Thrones his big break

By Hear Me Roar on

A recent interview with Alfie Allen has been published on The Guardian, a London-based news and entertainment website. It touches upon Alfie’s music taste, family history, his recurrent roles as a bully, and of course – Game of Thrones: After Jimmy … Continue reading

Quick hits: Interviews, articles and an audition

By Winter Is Coming on

Let’s take a quick trip ’round the web for some Game of Thrones news and notes, shall we? To start with here is a short video interview with Alfie Allen over at ITN. Alfie talks briefly about his role on … Continue reading

Actors names revealed, WiC posters are geniuses

By Winter Is Coming on

We were right. We were 100% correct on our guesses for the five adult roles. It was just announced by The Hollywood Reporter that Jaime, Dany, Theon, Robb, Jorah, Sansa and Arya have all been cast. HBO is filling out … Continue reading

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