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Casting Season 5: Griff

By Ours is the Fury on

After this week’s episode, season four will officially be halfway over. With that in mind and season five (and six!) renewal already in place, it’s time to start speculating about the casting of characters we’ll likely see next year. And … Continue reading

Casting Season Three: Edmure Tully

By Winter Is Coming on

So we now have a wonderful list of confirmed characters to work from while doing our casting speculation posts. Edmure Tully is one of those characters. In fact, auditions for the role are going on right now. I’m sure the … Continue reading

Eccleston to join Thrones? Doubtful.

By Winter Is Coming on

There are rumors and then there are rumors. Last week Den of Geek mentioned in an article about the Natalie Dormer casting that there were “unconfirmed rumours” that Christopher Eccleston was going to be joining the cast of Game of … Continue reading

Tony Curran in talks for season two?

By Winter Is Coming on

Our first season two casting rumor! Per a report from Twitter, Scottish actor Tony Curran was a guest at Vortex III, a Doctor Who convention in Belfast, where he revealed that he is currently in talks to join the cast … Continue reading

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