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Game of Thrones San Francisco panel

By Winter Is Coming on

Game of Thrones continued their west coast tour, heading to San Francisco for a screening and panel, hosted by AllThingsD. The panel this time consisted of just the writers, George R. R. Martin, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Check it … Continue reading


By Fire And Blood on

Salutations, Gatewatch faithful, and welcome to Season 3! Perhaps you question your eyes as they greet the Twitter logo, or you question the date on your calendars. “How can there be a Twitter post?” you ask incredulously, pulling your bathrobes … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Twitter Q&A

By Winter Is Coming on

Yesterday I was bored and tried something new on Twitter, a question and answer session fielding all your Game of Thrones-related questions. The questions came in fast and furious and I tried to get to all of them. I had … Continue reading

Twitter Morghulis

By Fire And Blood on

All tweeters must die. So here we are, Gatewatchers, at the brink of a precipice—the last episode of Game of Thrones‘ wild and (slightly) controversial second season! We saw some iconic moments come to life as well as some interesting … Continue reading


By Fire And Blood on

Relax, Gatewatch faithful! We’re not radioactive, nor are we poisonous! We’re not Hulking out! No need to panic! It’s only the usual weekly Twitter recap post. Except… well, it’s greener. Wildfire-y-er. Better, stronger, faster. Do you want specifications? Sure! Me: … Continue reading

Twit Lit

By Fire And Blood on

You know what time it is. And after today there are only two of these suckers left! As usual these gems of lexiconic brilliance were kidnapped from tweets hashtagged #GameOfThrones or #ThePrinceOfWinterfell (via my @Axechucker account, with help from @The_Rabbit01) … Continue reading

Bryan Cogman clarifies Twitter situation

By Winter Is Coming on

Last night, Bryan Cogman, writer and story editor on Game of Thrones, deleted his Twitter account but not before leaving this final message, “You know what? I’m done. Thx to all of you who’ve been kind & respectful. Enjoy the … Continue reading

Honor in Re-Tweet

By Fire And Blood on

Twit! I normally give you my “blah blah blah” about how the tweets were compiled (@Axechucker, @The_Rabbit01), but I’m not even going to do that right now. Instead I’d like to take the time to say holy BLEEPING HELL PEOPLE … Continue reading

Tweet Sixteen

By Fire And Blood on

It’s Twitter time again! Game of Thrones episode 16, “The Old Gods and the New” got plenty of Twitter reaction, and I’ll give you one guess what scene made my computer screen freeze up and my Twitter account basically dump … Continue reading

Twitter Fritters

By Fire And Blood on

Twitter time! As usual, these tweets were blah blah blah… taken from tweets hashtagged as #GameOfThrones / #TheGhostOfHarrenhal blah blah blah… Twitter accounts @Axechucker and @The_Rabbit01 blah blah blah… You all know the drill by now. Do I have to … Continue reading


By Fire And Blood on

Here again, Twitards! “Garden of Bones” was a bit of a mess, sure, but it chucked us forward, deeper into the story with bold frenzy. Most of you already know how I feel about this one: not exactly as good … Continue reading

Tweet Fantastique

By Fire And Blood on

Twitter time agaaaaain! “What Is Dead May Never Die” was very quotable (clearly), powered by the might of COGMAN, Lore-Keeper of All Things Throney, and most of you already know how I feel about this episode: best so far. But … Continue reading

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