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Neil Marshall confirmed as director of episode 409

By Winter Is Coming on

Variety is now confirming Empire Magazine’s initial report of Neil Marshall returning to Game of Thrones. Only they reveal that he will be directing episode 9, not episode 10 of season 4, as originally reported. HBO and “Game of Thrones” … Continue reading

McNutt, a ‘Moron, and more: reviews galore!

By Fire And Blood on

We’re certainly not lacking for content. Below are some more Game of Thrones reviews for your impatient perusal: First we have the distinguished Myles McNutt of Cultural Learnings, giving us his take on season 3. He makes more than a … Continue reading

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter love Game of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

Both of the Hollywood trades have published their reviews for season two of Game of Thrones and both of them love what they’ve seen from the first four episodes. Brian Lowry of Variety writes: “Thrones” creates such a rich visual … Continue reading

Game of Thrones season two to debut on April 1st!

By Winter Is Coming on

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. According to Variety’s Stuart Levine, HBO has set the premiere date for the second season of Game of Thrones as April 1st, 2012! This date matches an earlier rumor that we had … Continue reading

Bloggers review Game of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

While these reviews don’t come from the mainstream press and maybe don’t carry the same influence, it is still nice to read more positive words about Game of Thrones (well, mostly positive). Matt Marquez of ology has 5 observations based … Continue reading

Two more glowing reviews

By Winter Is Coming on

For every poorly-written negative review, it seems we get two or three well-written positive ones. The latest two reviews to wax poetic about Game of Thrones come from Variety and IGN TV. Brian Lowry of Variety writes in his review: … Continue reading

Early impressions of Thrones positive

By Winter Is Coming on

A couple journalists who have been lucky enough to watch the first episode (and maybe more) of Game of Thrones have tweeted their reactions today. First was Stuart Levine, TV and film journalist for Variety magazine. In response to a … Continue reading

Success of ‘Merlin’ and ‘Legend of the Seeker’ good for ‘Thrones’?

By Winter Is Coming on

Variety is reporting that BBC’s Merlin has been picked up for a second season after word that it has been acquired by 112 territories. NBC has already acquired the US broadcast rights for the series. In related news, Disney’s syndicated … Continue reading

The challenges of a casting director

By Winter Is Coming on

An interesting article has been posted over at Variety regarding casting directors. With all of the casting discussion going on right now in regards to the Game of Thrones pilot, I thought it was worth pointing it out. Give it … Continue reading

Is another Hollywood work stoppage on the horizon?

By Winter Is Coming on

The Screen Actor’s Guild is preparing to go on strike, which could lead to another Hollywood work stoppage similar to last year’s WGA strike. Variety is reporting the stoppage could begin as early as January. The Screen Actors Guild will … Continue reading

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