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February awards round-up

By Hear Me Roar on

Game of Thrones (specifially The Ghost of Harrenhal) won the award for Best Production Design in a single-camera TV series at the 17th Art Directors Guild Awards. Congratulations to Gemma Jackson heading the team! At the 11th Visual Effects Society Awards GoT swept the … Continue reading

More nominations for Thrones

By Hear Me Roar on

Visual Effects Society announced the nominations for their awards (11th this year), and Game of Thrones is up for four, one more than last year: Visual effects: Valar Morghulis Character: training the dragons Created environment: Pyke Compositing: White Walker army … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Gerardis talks Blackwater, more awards, and TITANCON

By Winter Is Coming on

Brazilian site Pop TV recently had a chance to interview Game of Thrones co-producer Vince Gerardis. Vince talked about his involvement in getting Thrones off the ground, and also talked about his one disappointment for season two: [he wished for more … Continue reading

Even more awards and nominations

By Winter Is Coming on

Time to update everyone on the growing list of awards and nominations that Game of Thrones has received. The Visual Effects Society nominated Thrones for three awards: outstanding supporting visual effects in a broadcast program (“Winter is Coming”), outstanding animated … Continue reading

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