Due to the lack of news and the fact that a series pick up is becoming more and more of a possibility, I think it would be a good time to start discussing who they may be casting that will round out the main cast for the first season. We’ll kick things off with everyone’s favorite Master of Coin, Petyr Baelish. The things one would be looking for in a potential Baelish are the ability to play charming and intelligent but also devious. Ideally you would want someone that is quite short as well. Here are four actors the fans have discussed that seem like the best candidates for Littlefinger.
James Callis – Callis is a British actor best known for his role as Dr. Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica. In that role, he showed he could play the intelligent schemer quite well. It looks like he hasn’t had much work since Battlestar Galactica ended, so he should be available and willing. Although height isn’t the most important factor, he is listed as 5’8″ which is pretty short. Looks wise, I think he has a bit too much of a heart throb look to him to make the perfect Littlefinger.
Tom Hollander – This character actor is no stranger to fans of British costume dramas. His credit list is filled with period work. Most of you will probably recognize him as Lord Beckett from the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. He also has an HBO connection having appeared as King George III in an episode of John Adams. His look seems to evoke the creepier side of Littlefinger. Height-wise he is perfect however, coming in at a diminutive 5’5″. He wouldn’t be my first choice, but if they want to emphasize the “Napoleon complex” aspect of Littlefinger’s character, Hollander would be a good fit.
John Simm – Another character actor that should be familiar to British television viewers, Simm has appeared in a number of BBC shows. His most prominent role being that of The Master in Doctor Who. He hasn’t made an impact on this side of the pond of yet, so a prominent role in an HBO series could be attractive to him if he wants to make inroads in Hollywood. Simm has the right look for Littlefinger, in my opinion. Someone with a smug and devious attitude but likes to feign innocence. He has one other thing going for him as well, he’s been cast by Nina Gold before in the BBC miniseries The Devil’s Whore.
Aidan Gillen – Lastly, we come to Gillen. An Irish actor who is well-known to HBO fans as Councilman Tommy Carcetti in The Wire. Brits would probably more readily identify him as Stuart Jones from Queer As Folk. The thing that makes him the frontrunner at this point, is the fact that his agent has reportedly already spoke with the casting director about Gillen getting involved in the series. The only thing working against him is his height, at 5’10” he is as tall as Sean Bean. But they’ve already shown that they are willing to cast actors that don’t fit the exact physical description and perceived height is something that can easily be altered on camera.

I think there is a really good chance one of these actors gets cast in the series. If not as Littlefinger, possibly another character. There are quite a few good connections that seem to point toward the possibility. Littlefinger would be a good role for any of these four though as he is a major character that any of these actors would be thrilled to land and they all are good fits in terms of talent and looks.

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