Ehle out, Fairley in

THR reports the role of Catelyn Stark has been recast, in what they call a ‘minor tweaking’ of the pilot. Jennifer Ehle is being replaced by the Irish actress Michelle Fairley. In his blog, James Hibberd writes his sources say the change was due to ‘behind-the-scenes’ considerations and not due to Ehle’s performance. This of course means that Catelyn scenes from the pilot will need to be reshot. It is likelly this is the bad news GRRM mentioned in his recent Not a Blog post. We will be able to see Fairley play Hermione Granger’s mother in the coming Harry Potter installments.

Hear Me Roar: This came out of the blue. We could speculate there were scheduling, contracting, or simply personal reservations (Ehle’s recent maternity could have played a part) that brought this about. I believe we have all been mentally prepared to see Ehle in the role next year, and looking forward to it. Now we have another actress to get familiar with. She has the right looks, as far as I am concerned, and was probably considered for the role already during the first casting round. While I would not call this change bad news, it is an unexpected snag in the planning the producers could not foresee. I hope there will not be many more surprises like that on the way to the first season premiere next spring.