Dempsie interviewed in Liverpool Echo

One of the newest cast members, Joe Dempsie, was recently interviewed by the Liverpool Echo. In the interview he talks quite a bit about Game of Thrones, in addition to Skins and his ties to Liverpool. Here is an excerpt:

Joe, who still has family living in Crosby and south Liverpool, admitted to being nervous. He said: “The fans are rabid waiting for this and they know exactly how they want their characters to look. Gendry is described as being tall and muscled, with thick black hair. I am hoping I can live up to two of those because I am only 5ft 8in! I am not really a gym person, but this has certainly got me going more often.”

Joe … will also star with The Wire’s Aiden Gilen and 300’s Lena Heady. He said: “I hope to learn a lot from them, not only in acting terms but in how to act off camera. I am also looking forward to being part of something which is already so popular and so many people love.”

Also, The Liverpool Echo reporter, Gary Stewart, is a fan of the books and a WiC reader. He contacted me with some additional info that he wasn’t able to put into his article, but that might be of interest to Game of Thrones fans.

  • Joe seemed really nice but admitted he hadn’t read the books. He said he just started reading AGOT but said fantasy wasn’t really his thing (even though he’d been in Merlin).
  • Having said that he is looking forward to the series as HBO don’t make bad TV.
  • He said he originally went for the role of Jon Snow last year but didn’t get it and was asked back to try out for Gendry.
  • He said his audition for the role was the scene were he’s talking to Arya about getting rid of dead wood (Hot Pie I think?) and he described Gendry as ‘not sophisticated but also not stupid’.
  • He got his scripts in mid-August and he only has scripts were he has lines.
  • He’s due to start filming in mid September.
  • He also said he has previously met Lena Headey when he spent a month in LA last year and said she and her husband were really nice to him.

Winter Is Coming: A big thank you to Gary for providing us with the additional info! Some good stuff and another little piece of the filming puzzle. It’s also nice to see some of the new cast members getting some press. Dempsie sounds like he’s got a good idea of the character, despite not having read the books yet. I’d be interested to hear what he thinks of the book, if he finishes it, because I’ve known lots of people who aren’t necessarily into fantasy that still fall in love with the series.

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