Northern Inuits double as direwolves

We’ve seen pics of the direwolves now, even had Ghost show up in the most recent trailer. I guess it is fair to say, opinions are mixed on how they look. Some say they are too dog-like. Personally, I think they look great. The breed of dog used is called Northern Inuit. They are bred to be wolf-like in appearance, but are friendlier and easier to train and handle.

The most recent post over at Lukoi Northern Inuits names Zunni as the dog playing Lady in Game of Thrones. Doing a bit more research we uncovered Zunni’s breeder’s website, with more photos of our Lady. We’ve since learned that the other older direwolves also came from this breeder. With the exception of Ghost, who came from a breeder in Scotland. The little pups all came from a local Northern Ireland breeder.

Winter Is Coming: I know many people think the direwolves look too much like dogs. But I think, given the restrictions the production had to work with, they look great. They couldn’t use real wolves as that is illegal in the UK and CGI is not only expensive, but it oftentimes looks cheesy. I much prefer a slightly dog-looking direwolf than one that looks too cartoonish. What do you think?