Casting Season Two: Asha

Artwork by Xavier Garcia

Since our last casting speculation post, we’ve had some pretty exciting news: season two is a go!! So I no longer need to include our season two disclaimer. And we no longer have to feel like all this speculating may be in vain. We will actually get to see who they cast in these roles, so that is exciting!

Anyway, onto the casting speculation! We are going to leave one island, Dragonstone, and head to another and focus this time on the role of Asha Greyjoy. Asha is Theon’s older sister and only appears a few times in A Clash of Kings, however she looks poised to have a much bigger role in later seasons. Tower of the Hand describes Asha as “lean and long-legged with short black hair and a sharp nose in a thin face.” This role will likely be filled by someone who is a known actress, but not necessarily a big name. Let’s take a look at some of the candidates.

Noomi Rapace -This Swedish actress came to international attention when she was cast as Lizbeth Salander in the film adaptation of the bestselling book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She reprized that role in the films’ sequels and even a TV mini-series. Since then she has been cast in big-budget Hollywood films such as the Sherlock Holmes sequel and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. This likely rules her out as a potential Asha, although Nina Gold was the casting director on Prometheus, so you never know. She is a little on the old side, but other than that, she makes a perfect Asha. But is she too big a name?
Asia Argento – An Italian-born actress and model, Argento is probably most well-known to American audiences through her role in the Vin Diesel vehicle xXx or George Romero’s Land of the Dead. She is actually older than Rapace, but she looks younger to me. The important thing is she look only a few years older than Alfie Allen, and I think she does. But does she look like an Asha? I’m not sure. She looks hotter than the Asha in my head. And she’s been doing mostly foreign films these days, so it remains to be seen whether she would accept a role in a US TV series.
Lyndsey Marshal – Marshal is a British actress who has done mostly theater and television work, but also some film. Her most prominent and well-known role was as Cleopatra in Rome. She has also appeared in the BBC series Being Human and Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter. Her role in Rome gives her not only an HBO connection but also a Nina Gold one. She is an award-winning actress, so we know she has the acting skill. As far as looks go, I think she could work. She was very androgynous as Cleopatra, and I always pictured Asha a little like that.
Nora-Jane Noone – This Irish actress was first discovered when she was cast in the film The Magdalene Sisters. Since then she has gone on to appear in the horror flick The Descent and its sequel. She has also appeared in a number of shorts and TV movies. Being cast in an HBO series would be a big step in her career. She is the perfect age for Asha, being two years older than Aflie Allen, and has the right look. Of all the names put forth, Noone seems the best combination of age, looks, acting talent and career status to fit the role of Asha.