Day 51: Filming during a hurricane

Today is day 51 of the Game of Thrones season two shoot and assuming they end around the same time they did last year, they are just about a third of the way done.

Yesterday, the production had a bit of a scare, as the remnants of Hurrican Katia passed through Northern Ireland, bringing with it 70 mph winds. A catering marquee was blown over near Ballintoy and five people were injured, but thankfully none of the injuries were serious.

But what they were filming at the time? We believe it was scenes set in Renly’s camp. The Rabbit was able to dig up photos of the set and it is definitely some sort of camp scene and the tents don’t look like Lannister or Stark or Dothraki tents. And we know that Finn Jones (Loras), Gethin Anthony (Renly), and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) are all in town. Also Finn mentioned in a recent interview, on the Beyond the Wall podcast, that they would be filming the melee this week. So it all seems to fit.

As to what else they have been filming recently: we speculated in our last filming update that they may be filming at the Cushendun Caves, and the Ballymoney Times now confirms it. We also know that they have been filming Harrenhal scenes at a newly-built castle set, near Banbridge. Supposedly Tom Wlaschiha has been spotted on set as Jaqen, sporting brownish hair with a blonde streak. Others seen on set include Gregor, the Tickler, Polliver, Wease, and Tywin.

Speaking of newly-built sets, another set has been constructed at Magheramorne quarry, the location of the Castle Black set. From the reports, it is a single castle wall with drum towers on either side and a small gate in the middle. Any guesses as to what it might be?