Day 108: Filming in N. Ireland winding down

Filming of Game of Thrones‘ second season in Northern Ireland is in its final weeks. We’ve heard that filming will wrap on November 18th. Afterwards, filming will continue in Iceland until about mid-December.

Since our last update, we have received some inside info as to what they have been filming. We had reports and pictures of filming near Audley’s Castle (above), which we now know to be scenes of Robb’s camp. We also knew that they had returned to Larrybane quarry to film scenes of Renly’s camp, however we weren’t sure if it was reshoots or scenes that they weren’t able to shoot the first time because of the hurricane. Now we can confirm that they were, in fact, reshooting scenes, as the previous footage was deemed unusable due to the weather conditions.

We also received some interesting reports of what exactly these scenes entailed, which, for spoiler reasons, we will reveal after the break…

First, let’s talk about Renly’s camp… as we know that site is going to be where the melee is held in which Brienne is first introduced and named to the Rainbow Guard. But it is also where Stannis will meet with Renly and, ultimately, where Renly will be killed. According to reports from the set, Stannis will arrive via ship off the coast of the camp site (ships to be added later digitally, of course). And then in a later scene, with (ironically enough) wind effects added as part of a coming storm, Renly will be killed in his tent. Also, Littlefinger, of all people, will be at Renly’s camp. He has a scene where he walks through the camp and hears talk of panic and desertion and then reportedly has a scene with Margaery. It is unclear from the report if this is before or after Renly’s death. Very interesting.

Also “very interesting” are the goings-on in Robb’s camp. As we stated above, these were filmed near Audley’s Castle, which was the site of the Twins in season one, although it doesn’t appear that it will be used for the Twins this time around. The scenes that were filmed last week include Jaime Lannister being captured and brought back into camp where Catelyn orders that he not be killed, but taken away to be chained and gagged. There are also scenes with Robb and Oona Chaplin’s character, “Jeyne”, and another with Robb and Catelyn. And then there was this exchange between Catelyn and Rickard Karstark:

RICKARD: And where is our King?
CATELYN: You know very well he’s gone to The Crag to negotiate a surrender.
RICKARD: He’s gone to The Crag, aye, but not to negotiate. He’s got that foreign bitch with him!
CATELYN: How dare you!

Curiouser and curiouser!

Winter Is Coming: All sorts of things to discuss here. Stannis showing up and meeting with Renly at the site of the tourney is a sensible streamlining of the story. I am assuming that this camp will be the one outside of Storm’s End and Bitterbridge, as a location, has been written out.

And then Littelfinger in Renly’s camp? Having words with Margaery? I guess this is David and Dan’s way of setting up Littlefinger’s eventual deal with the Tyrells.

And lastly, Robb’s storyline sounds like it has been altered quite a bit. It looks like we will get to see Jaime’s attempted escape, so that is cool. But the Stark/Karstark rift will be due to Robb’s lovelife now? And we still have no idea who the heck Oona Chaplin is playing although it clearly isn’t Jeyne Westerling. But then the Westerling’s castle, The Crag, is still a part of the story. So how is this all going to fit together?

Spoiler Alert!

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