TVEquals interviews Kristian Nairn

This was originally supposed to be a Worldcon interview done for The Daily Raven, but Simone and I had conflicting schedules, and could not meet. To the rescue come my good friends (and current employers) Americ and Sandrine from, camera in hand and ready and willing to shoot the interview!

Fire And Blood: Glad they were able to pick up the ball we dropped. TVEquals is good people. Always feel free to visit their site for the latest articles, reviews, and casting news. (And I love that Americ gave us a shoutout, of course!)

And more news: FaBulous me—the redoubtable Tobias J. “Axechucker” McGuffin—will be covering Game of Thrones for TVEquals this season, so you can look forward to yet another additional link to total awesomeness every Sunday night as I review each episode.