Kraznys and Prendahl cast

There’s more fresh casting news today! Two more roles have been confirmed by

Dan Hildebrand will be playing the role of Kraznys, a slaver who sells the famous “Unsullied” warriors. The actor was seen most recently on Sons of Anarchy, playing Sean Casey. Hildebrand has worked with HBO before, playing both Shaughnessy and Tim Driscoll on the series Deadwood.

Ramon Tikaram will be playing Prendahl, captain of the mercenary company called the Stormcrows. Tikaram is a regular on British television, appearing in series such as Eastenders, Primeval, White Heat, and Casualty.

Ours is the Fury:  The cast is filling out nicely! Hildebrand looks different from the book’s description of Kraznys, who was quite fat and darker-skinned. I’m not familiar with Tikaram’s work, but his lengthy resume is certainly impressive. What do you think of the new additions?

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