Doreah kills Irri: New S2 production stills

A host of new production stills from season 2 turned up yesterday, thanks to Photographer Paul Schiraldi visited the set in Dubrovnik, Croatia during filming last year and took pictures of Dany’s storyline, the riot and Joffrey’s birthday celebration, and other outdoor scenes set in King’s Landing.
The most notable photograph is the one above, confirming what many suspected: Daenerys’s beloved handmaiden Irri was murdered by Doreah, in cooperation with Xaro Xhoan Daxos’ plot.

Over 160 photos are posted in Schiraldi’s gallery. Here are a select few.

Ours is the Fury: Well, the first photo clears up that mystery! We can only speculate as to why the show chose not to use the footage of Irri’s death. It’s possible they may have thought that showing who killed Irri would make it too obvious Xaro was behind the whole plot. Personally, though I don’t like Doreah becoming a murderer, I would rather they’d shown what happened so that it was somewhat more understandable why Daenerys would execute her.