Day 122: Moroccan filming wraps

According to a tweet from David & Dan’s assistant and Making Game of Thrones blogger, Cat Taylor, filming has wrapped in Morocco:

What next? Well, the production goes on a bit of a hiatus until filming resumes in Iceland at the end of this month in four days. I don’t think there will be a total stoppage of work though, as I suspect they will use this time to get some post-production work done.

UPDATE: Contrary to what was originally reported, Cat has tweeted that they will be heading to Iceland in only four days. Either they moved up the Iceland dates since they got everything else done early or the original report was erroneous. Nevermind, I’m an idiot. This time frame matches the original report exactly. Either way, sounds like Kit and Co. have some packing to do!

With so much filming already complete, the question on everyone’s mind is when will we get our first glimpse of some season three footage? Last year, our first look at season two came on Nov. 20, with a behind-the-scenes video. The first actual footage from the season came in the form of a short teaser, aired on Dec. 11, prior to the Boardwalk Empire season finale. So really, we should get something soon, either a behind-the-scenes video or trailer or maybe even both.

Winter Is Coming: Boardwalk Empire‘s finale airs on Dec. 2 this year and I would be shocked if we didn’t get something either on that date or before it.