Roslin Frey cast

According to the CV of Alexandra Dowling, the English actress will be playing the role of Roslin Frey in season three.

The résumé lists the character name as “Roslyn Frey” but it may be a spelling error, or a minor change for the television series. Her agency CV lists her as joining Game of Thrones, but without specifying the role. A newsletter from Dowling’s alma mater refers to her GoT part as a “cameo.”

Dowling is a 2012 graduate of the Oxford School of Drama. She recently filmed an episode of Merlin as “Kara,” and will be playing the female lead in the film Hammer of the Gods.

In A Storm of Swords, Roslin is the fifth daughter of Walder Frey, the Riverlands lord played by David Bradley in season one.

We’ve reached out to HBO for official confirmation of the casting.

Ours is the Fury: Well that’s one casting mystery cleared up! No name change for Roslin as some had speculated, although the jury’s still out on the spelling. No film or television work of Dowling’s has been released yet, but she certainly looks the part.

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