Ciaran Hinds annoyed by the sex and violence in Thrones, finds it “gratuitous”

In an interview with Irish Central, Ciaran Hinds talks about his experience filming Game of Thrones and his introduction to the series. He mentions that his agent pushed for him to take the role and that he was aware of the popularity of the show, but hadn’t yet watched it. Once he took the role, he set about catching up on the story.

“I saw the first series and I found some of the sexuality and violence a little gratuitous and it annoyed me but then it calmed down a bit, but the storytelling and the juggling of the storylines are fantastic. It draws you in and takes you elsewhere.”

Also, he has some good things to say about his fellow Northern Irish actor, Conleth Hill.

“I have seen his work in the third series and it is absolutely brilliant,” he says with admiration.

Be sure to read the full interview to find out why you may hear a little southern twang in Mance Rayder’s accent!

Winter Is Coming: A good interview. I found it interesting that Hinds admitted he was annoyed by the amount of sex and violence in the show. I think that is the first time that that oft-cited criticism has come from someone on the show. Still, it sounds like his overall impression was positive. And I’m glad he gave a shout-out to Hill. He doesn’t get enough love for his portrayal of Varys. What does everyone else think of Hinds’ comments? Do you find the sex and violence gratuitous at times? Are you a fan of Conleth Hill’s Varys?