James Purefoy says he won’t do Game Of Thrones

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, James Purefoy says that he won’t be doing Game of Thrones, and that his Rome co-star Kevin McKidd is in agreement.

Purefoy is currently promoting his new TV show The Following in which he plays a serial killer. When asked his feelings about the HBO series Rome, the actor had this to say:

[Kevin] McKidd and I had lunch the other day, and I said to him, “Have you been asked to do Game Of Thrones?” And he said, “I’d never do it. Because they stole our fucking show.” He worked out that if Rome had run for the entire seven seasons that it should have run, we would only have finished it last year. And he feels that HBO did Game of Thrones instead of us, so they stole our show. I kind of agree with him. I won’t be doing Game Of Thrones, even if they ask me.

UPDATE: James Purefoy responded on his official Twitter and said this was nothing but “light-hearted banter”.

Ours is the Fury: Those are strong words, and disappointing to hear. McKidd’s quotes are secondhand though, and to be taken with a grain of salt. It does seem they’re not likely to ever be involved in GoT, despite being fan favorites for future roles on the show.