Announcing Ask a GoT Writer

We have an exciting new feature to announce here at… Ask a GoT Writer! As you might have gleaned from the title, you, the fans, get to ask a writer of Game of Thrones any question you’d like! The writer in this case is Bryan Cogman, who also serves as the story editor and all-around A Song of Ice and Fire expert for the production.

Here’s the deal: submit your question(s) below. We will send the best ones on to Bryan, who will answer them in a semi-regular column here on WiCnet. These questions can be anything, from the super-generic ‘Who is your favorite character and why?’ to the super-nerdy ‘Why did Maester Aemon leave King Jaehaerys II Targaryen out of the lineage?’.

So send us your best questions and keep an eye out for Bryan’s answers!

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