Game of Owns: Love Slave

Our usual podcast recap is here. Listen in as the Game of Owns hosts are joined by Ours is the Fury to break down “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”.

Episode 96 – Love Slave

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Description: The seventh installment in HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 3 is upon us! Join the crew of GOO plus’s Ours Is The Fury on this episode recorded directly after the airing of the Seven, and on a day reserved for celebrating the Mothers of the world. Especially the Mother of Dragons.


Discussion Topics
Fashion is off limits, ok?
George, writing this episode
Robb is pregnant
180 Blackfish
Gendry’s blood
Best Hodor EVAR
Dany’s “saving people thing”
Theon’s hornblower
More torture
Bronn and Tyrion
To be wed
Joffrey and Gramps
The Wolf and the Hound
Love triangle
In the glow of Jaime
Owns of the Show
Your Tweets read
Into a brothel..

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