Confirmed: Game of Thrones to film in Iceland for season 4

We had heard rumors about this, but the CEO of Pegasus, the Icelandic production company that has handled the Thrones shoot for the past two seasons, has now confirmed it: Game of Thrones will be returning to film in Iceland for the third year in a row. Only this time they will be filming in the summer (late July, to be exact), not the winter.

Pegasus’s CEO, Snorri Þórisson, goes on to say that the filming will be of a similar scope, with 100-200 people involved in the production. He doesn’t give away any exact filming locations, but says they will be working in the south of the country. He also mentions that they’ve recently put out a casting call for 20 bald extras.

Winter Is Coming: Good to get confirmation. Now it’s time to speculate just what they will be filming there. With them filming in the summer, there are a lot more possibilities than just beyond the Wall stuff. Could the bald extras be a clue? What do you think?