Michiel Huisman is the new Daario Naharis

A new photo points to Treme regular Michiel Huisman as the latest actor to join the cast of Game of Thrones.

A photo of the actor training hard was shared on Instagram yesterday by fitness pro Aaron Williamson, along with the comment , “1 more week w/ Michiel Huisman getting him ready to kick ass on Game of Thrones. Proud of this guy’s dedication; huge transformation from his Tremé days.”

The Dutch actor played Sonny, a musician struggling with drug and relationship problems on HBO’s Treme. An experienced singer and guitar player, he learned piano for his role on the show. Huisman also appeared in World War Z, BBC’s Margot, and in Black Book with Carice van Houten. He had an eight-episode arc as Liam McGuinnis last fall on ABC’s Nashville.

It’s unknown at this time what his role on Game of Thrones will be. We’ve reached out to HBO for an official confirmation of his casting.

UPDATE: HBO has now confirmed that Michiel Huisman has been cast in the fourth season, though his role has not been announced at this time.

FaB Update: Deadline Hollywood states that Huisman is replacing an actor on the series! Now that’s interesting! Is it true? Speculation runs amok! My thought is perhaps Joseph Mawle… but maybe it’s someone bigger! Hysteria in 3…2…

Yet Another Update!: The Hollywood Reporter is saying their sources tell them that Huisman is replacing Ed Skrein as Daario Naharis, the Tyroshi captain serving Daenerys, introduced to viewers last season.

Ours is the Fury:  Filming continues in Belfast and is revving up in Croatia; if Huisman is filming in one week as the remark hints, he could be filming in either location, which leaves a variety of roles to speculate about. A Kettleblack? Someone from Dany’s storyline? A bard, once again using his music skills? He’s the right age and look for Hyle Hunt but season four may be too early to introduce the character. Who do you think Huisman will be playing?