TitanCon interview: Aimee Richardson

Here we are anon, with more TitanCon content! As promised!

Yours truly, the fatuous FaBio, accompanied by my stalwart sidekick Marko “Polo” (aka Hear Me Rawr), nabbed our first interview of the day: the delightfully gregarious and gifted Aimee Richardson, aka Princess Myrcella Baratheon (Lannister), aka the Future Queen of Westeros via Dornish Crowning Traditions. (Not a spoiler. It should be obvious she’s born to be a queen!)

But first, some background on: The Great Indigo Debate.

A while back, I determined that the color indigo was unfairly given a status unbecoming of its origins, placed as it was on the seven-color spectrum. Let’s be serious here: there should only be six colors. Three primary (red, blue, yellow) and three secondary (violet, green, orange). There’s absolutely no logical reason as to why purplish-blue needs to be added to this list, just to make seven! (Seriously, I would think the color spectrum would worship the Old Gods anyway!) If you’re going to add indigo, you may as well add teal and red-orange, for flying fart’s sake! (By all means, insert whatever “making the eight” joke you want. I’m not allowed to any more.)

I asked Sophie Turner if she was willing to take a stand with me. She was not. In fact, most Game of Thrones actors (including Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and others) unfairly and with great prejudice stood against my stand, preferring to allow indigo its grand status. (The lone stalwart being John Bradley. I am more thankful for his calming presence as every year passes.)

The most vocal though? Aimee. Aimee, Aimee, Aimeeeeeee. She defied me on Twitter. She vexed me through friends, and even had her mother deliver irksome pro-indigo messages in her royal name! Not only would she not budge in her stance (“It’s too pretty!” she argued), but she rallied support and turned people against my crusade!

Determined not to be outdone by a fifteen-year old, I journeyed to TitanCon with justice in mind!

I… didn’t really get justice.

Yes, so, fine, it went badly for the FaBster. (And Marko was no help!) (My sincere apologies to any Arkansas natives out there!) Not only did Aimee show up in a pro-indigo shirt for herself (with matching shoes) (ain’t that just like a woman!), but she graciously had an anti-indigo shirt made for me! How could I go on plotting the downfall of a girl after that? On top of all that, I met both her parents (the fantastically talented and gregarious John and Lesley Richardson) who, as it happened, were both fabulous people.

(I know I go on about how great the parents of the show’s kids are, but geez… it’s really true. Seriously, when the producers of a show are moved to give the parents a shout-out, you know they’re all doing bang-up jobs!)

Getting to know Aimee over the weekend, I can tell you she’s a funny, easy-going, talented young lady. I know there has been a certain amount of hand-wringing amongst the fans regarding recasts and such—especially since there have been more than a few for season four, Myrcella’s brother included. And while there’s no guarantee we will ever see Aimee as Myrcella ever again (no announcements for season five have been made, and most of you know Myrcella did not reappear on page until A Feast For Crows) … well, HBO would have no reason to replace her. Callum Wharry was a great kid, but he wasn’t an actor, and Tommen’s part was obviously beefed up for this upcoming season.

Aimee is an actor. She does a pitch-perfect English accent, and can basically cry on command. I didn’t tell her this (because, you know, her indigo ego…) but I was impressed the very first time I saw her on camera, as Myrcella glanced about the Winterfell grounds with a dubious but restrained expression. Trust me: a lot of kids would have overplayed that. For me, Myrcella’s reserve was just right. She’s hit every mark she’s been asked to hit.

So… recast? I wouldn’t sweat it, people.

Finally, what would a TitanCon post be without a willingness to just keep going? (Hey, we have a TitanCon tradition here to uphold!) With that in mind I have a bonus: A quick interview I conducted with Aimee after the TitanCon wrap-up!

FaB: So what was your impression of TitanCon, overall?

Aimee: Absolutely bonkers, but brilliant!

What was the most memorable thing from that weekend?

Meeting you obviously, and campaigning for indigo rights. Indigo is the way to go! Having said that, seeing all of the costumes for the masquerade wasn’t something I think I’ll ever forget! And of course, meeting all the fans, who seemed to come from every corner of the globe. It always amazes me how dedicated and genuinely lovely they all are, and reminds me how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing production with such a huge, passionate following.

What do you imagine Myrcella is doing right now in Dorne? Manicure down by the famous water gardens, maybe?

I don’t think ‘Cella would say no to a pampering or two! And I wouldn’t be surprised if she was working on building up her Ghetto sass that her Uncle Tyrion possesses so much of.

Dorne Ghetto sass! That would be intriguing to see. What are you doing in your own downtime whilst Myrcella is off being romanced by young princes in Dorne? (Hobbies, stage acting, lessons, etc.)

“Working hard” at school, trying my best not to fall asleep in Biology (apparently that’s frowned upon), normal fifteen year old stuff, which includes perfecting my sarcastic comments, belligerent looks and sighs of frustration. I’m also a part of the Lyric Youth Drama, which I love, and I’m doing a lot of drama in my school. Not to forget my favourite method of procrastination: uploading videos to my Vine account.

Last question… if your Dornish prince had indigo-coloured eyes, would’t that freak you out just a little bit?

Well, I’m living in the 21st Century, I don’t really think it’s acceptable to discriminate against people based on circumstances outside of their control – do you?

No, I don’t, princess.

Fire And Blood: Clearly she’s having a blast. Thanks so much to Aims and her parents for letting us have this! If you want, follow Aimee on Twitter! She’s @Aimee_P_R !

And we have more interviews coming within the week, people! Isaac Hempstead-Wright! Ron Donachie! Thomas Brodie-Sangster! FaB out!