Season 4 New Casting Roundup

News about roles in Game of Thrones is popping up all over the net these days. Here’s a roundup of the latest castings for the show’s fourth season.

  • According to his CV, Alisdair Simpson will be playing the Knight of the Gate, and his agency notes in their news section that he has just “shot 2 episodes of ‘GAME OF THRONES’…directed by Michelle Maclaren and Alex Graves.” In an earlier news item on their website, they refer to Simpson’s character as the “Knight of the Vale”, so this indicates that he will most likely be playing the knight who guards the way into the Vale of Arryn.

  • The Eamonn Bedford Agency confirms that Daniel Rabin is filming for the fourth season of the show and his CV reveals that the actor has been cast as Lord Blackmont. In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, the Dornish Blackmonts are bannermen of House Martell. Will this Lord Blackmont be accompanying Prince Oberyn to King’s Landing?
  • Jane McGrath‘s casting was uncovered a couple weeks ago in an interview with IFTN when she revealed she was playing a wildling, but the character name was unknown at the time. McGrath’s role has been added to her agency CV and it appears the actress is playing…Sissy. Not a character from the books. Since she’s a wildling, is this a daughter-wife for Craster, or a member of Mance Rayder’s wildling pack?
  • Actress Deirdre Monaghan will be playing the part of Morag Craster, according to her CV which also notes she’ll be appearing in a Michelle MacLaren-directed episode. MacLaren will be helming episodes 4 and 5 of next season so we can look forward to action around Craster’s Keep and the return of Burn Gorman around that time.
  • And Craster’s list of wives isn’t done growing. Adult actress and model Saffie Jacobs will be appearing as a wife of the dead wildling. Her Twitter bio mentions her filming and previously it stated she would be a “Craster wife” on the show. An exchange Jacobs had on Twitter with another adult performer named Aeryn Walker mentions that they worked together, and Walker made a video discussing how her role on the show came about.
  • English actress Sarine Sofair is appearing as Lhara on an Alik Sakharov-directed episode of season four, according to her Spotlight CV.  (Sakharov will be directing episodes six and seven.) Adult performer Samantha Bentley tweeted about sharing the screen with Sofair, and mentions working with Liam Cunningham, though it isn’t clear if she actually shared a scene with him or if she only met him while on set. It looks like an actress and model named Anoushka Kellett will be working with them, with Game of Thrones on her resume, both actresses following her on Twitter, and Bentley mentioning meeting her.
  • Around the same time in mid-September as the above actresses were filming, adult performer (*NSFW Link*) Jessica Jensen tweeted she would flying to Belfast to film a role on the show as well.

Ours is the Fury: I found the Lord Blackmont casting most interesting. I didn’t think we’d see any other Dornish lords this year, and I doubt they’d use that name for a non-Dornish character.