Jerome Flynn talks Bronn and season 4 at New York Comic Con

Jerome Flynn held a one-man panel this weekend at the New York Comic Con. (Because that’s how he rolls.) By all accounts, he charmed the pants off those lucky enough to be in attendance, sharing anecdotes like how he auditioned for Bronn with a black eye, having knocked it with a cupboard the day before (“I swear it got me the part!”). And he managed to let slip some spoilers for season 4:

Despite not having read the series, he at least knew that one of his fight scenes with an undisclosed combatant in the forthcoming season four will be a surprise even for the readers, “because that’s not in the books!” As a spoiler, it was a thin one — no details, other that during the shooting, the other actor “nearly got a sword on his skull” — but at Comic-Con, any spoiler is well met. “Oh God, what have I said?” Flynn joked afterwards, pretending he’d revealed too much. “So, um, next question?

More details can be found over at Vulture, where Jennifer Vineyard has done an excellent job of recapping the panel.

Winter Is Coming: Interesting little spoiler you’ve dropped there, Jerome. Who do you think Bronn will be crossing swords with this coming season?