Octavia Alexandru’s role revealed

Thanks to an update to the young actress’s modeling résumé, we now know what role Octavia Alexandru will be playing in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. Her casting was first discovered in July on her agency’s web page.

Alexandru’s role involves material from A Dance with Dragons, and is therefore considered serious SPOILER territory!

According to her résumé, Alexandru will be playing the Child of the Forest, as many had speculated when her casting was uncovered. The Children of the Forest are a legendary people of Westeros, strange creatures that appear childlike but are in fact quite old.

Ours is the Fury:  WinterIsComing had speculated that she might be Leaf from ADwD, and it seems like with her introduction this year, Alexandru’s Child might be an equivalent of that character. The timing is right, with the Three-Eyed Raven popping up next year as well. Alexandru’s extensive dance experience will lend itself well to creative body language for the forest creature.

Spoiler Alert!

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