Telltale Games rumored to be developing new Game of Thrones video game

IGN is reporting, based on multiple sources, that Telltale Games is currently developing a Game of Thrones video game. Telltale, for their part, is not commenting on the rumor. But they have recently teased an upcoming project based on a “dream IP” and Game of Thrones would certainly qualify.

Telltale Games’ specialty is graphic adventure games, which is a bit of a throwback in modern gaming. Their titles are inspired by those old classics like Myst and King’s Quest. Something else that makes Telltale unique is they have episodic games, where they release a new adventure every month, with a continuing storyline. Recently, they released an episodic game based on The Walking Dead series, which has garnered a lot of commercial success and critical acclaim due to its strong storyline and focus on character development, over straight puzzle solving.

There already are multiple Game of Thrones games either on the market or in development, including Game of Thrones: Ascent, Game of Thrones RPG, A Game of Thrones: Genesis and the Game of Thrones MMO (which may be vaporware at this point, given the complete lack of news on it). Those games have achieved various levels of quality and success; a Telltale-developed Game of Thrones game could eclipse them all.

Winter Is Coming: I haven’t played any of Telltale’s games, but have heard lots of good things about The Walking Dead. Developing a game that focuses on story and character development sounds like something that would fit Game of Thrones to a T. Assuming this rumor is true, I’m anxious to see what exactly this game would look like. Would it follow the established story and feature familiar characters? Or would they take the RPG’s approach and create a whole new story? Either way, I’m intrigued.