Gwendoline Christie talks Brienne, the part she’s always wanted to play, with Elle UK

Gwendoline Christie, is featured in the pages of the March issue of Elle UK! In the multi-page spread Christie trades a suit of armor for a dress (but throws in some ripped jeans) and speaks about landing the role she’s always wanted to play, Brienne of Tarth.

“This is the part I always wanted to play but never knew existed. All the things I had wanted to cloak about myself, that I felt a little ashamed and embarrassed about, had been bullied for, these things had a place they could live – in Brienne.”

Christie reveals that when she learned Game of Thrones was being adapted into a series and that her dream role was up for grabs, she made it her mission to win the part. She jumped into a work out routine and new diet, losing a full stone and regaining it in muscle.

After landing the role she quickly made friends with her co-stars. Of Michelle Fairley she says: “I adore her, she really took care of me. Not only is she a very intelligent, kind, interesting and funny woman, but she has a strong nurturing aspect to her. She was gorgeous to me.”

And her off screen relationship with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau sounds much like her on-screen one: “Nikolaj likes to wind me up until I’m screaming at him!”

Although Christie’s height (6’3) helped land her the role of Brienne, it hasn’t always helped in landing a relationship: “I wouldn’t say it has increased my options. But I’ve always thought that the height is a very good detector of the good ones: because if they can get over that, they have got good mettle.”

However, it has earned her the love of fellow tall women who watch Game of Thrones, who often come up to her and proclaim “I really love your character; I’m tall as well.”

For the full interview and fashion spread check out the March issue of Elle UK, on stands now!