How Thrones stacks up in the nudity game

Debates around the frequent nudity on the show Girls had MTV curious about how the series compared to some of the other most notoriously naked shows around at the moment. After checking out the most recent seasons of Girls, Orange is the New Black, True Blood, Masters of Sex, and Game of Thrones, here’s how they stacked up.

And despite Game of Thrones‘ reputation for gratuitous nudity, it wasn’t even close. The winner? HBO’s True Blood.

Ours is the Fury: I watch True Blood, so I’m really not surprised by the results. Romance and sexuality are a huge part of the storylines, and they also have a better track record with showing male nudity than the other shows in the infographic. The discussion about what is and isn’t gratuitous will presumably continue. GoT actually did have a bit of full frontal male nudity in season 3 during Loras and Olyvar’s scene which is unaccounted for here, but it was very quick and I suppose MTV’s naked-accounting interns may not have as sharp an eye.

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