Mark Gatiss talks Game of Thrones with Metro UK

Mark Gatiss, creator and star of the BBC series Sherlock, was cast in season 4 of Game of Thrones in an originally mysterious, unannounced role. That role has since been revealed to be the character of Tycho Nestoris. But Gatiss hasn’t spoken openly about the role until now. In an interview with Metro UK, he discusses the original hubbub over his casting, his time filming Thrones, and, of course, the sex and nudity.

You are about to star as Tycho Nestoris in the new series of Game Of Thrones. Are you ready for the fan frenzy?

I felt a bit overwhelmed by the response. When it was announced, people bombarded me with questions. I felt a bit of a fraud. Apparently, my character in the books actually comes in a lot later so it was a bit unusual that they brought it forward.

Does this mean you could return later?

Apparently so! I’m expecting an almost inevitably violent death. I’m in one episode. I went over to Belfast and did the scene there.

Hit up the full article for more quotes from Gatiss, including him giving his assesment on the quality of male hotness in the show.

Winter Is Coming: I’ve recently watched all of Sherlock based on the suggestion from many of our readers (including Bryan Cogman himself!) when the Gatiss casting news first broke. Seven hells, that is a great show! Now I’m really looking forward to seeing Gatiss in Thrones. And is there any way we can cast Benedict Cumberbatch too?