Quick Hits: The Sword and the Khaleesi

The season premiere is officially three weeks away, as of today, and we have an interesting assortment of Game of Thrones news rounded up for you this weekend.

  • This year, Madonna celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by dressing up in familiar costuming. The star Instagrammed two pics of herself dressed as Daenerys Targaryen, complete with dragons on her shoulders. She posted the photos with the message, “Happy Purim!!!!! All Hail All Queens!”

  • People magazine reveals that recently in a chat with Eva Longoria, the actress confessed to having a crush on a Game of Thrones character. “Jon Snow!” She tells People that she is friends with Kit Harington, and that the feelings end with the show. “I don’t like Kit Harington, I love Jon Snow. […] I like the fur coat and the bow and arrow and the swords – that person.”

Ours is the Fury: Three weeks now! And why I am not surprised Madonna fancies herself a khaleesi?