Gwendoline Christie on Brienne of Tarth’s stay in King’s Landing

The premiere of Game of Thrones Season 4 found Brienne of Tarth in an uncomfortable place: King’s Landing. Despite her noble birth, she feels very much an outsider in the capital city, with her closest ally, Jaime Lannister, being a bit distracted. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Gwendoline Christie talks about how Brienne has been handling herself so far.

After all they have been through, Jaime would like to slip back into some normalcy, but Brienne is making sure that he doesn’t forget the promise that he made to Catelyn Stark.

“It’s been such an extraordinary arc, it’s been such an incredible journey that they’ve gone on together, and they’ve both evolved so much as human beings that I think that she wants him to maintain that… In light of Catelyn Stark’s death, they both now are united through the experience they’ve had in [Season] 3, but then, both now united in a sense – the mission now is to carry out the wishes of Catelyn Stark, which is to keep the daughters safe. And I think that Brienne is motivated by a dedication to the greater good. It’s a very pure, altruistic, moral sensibility, and so, I find it quite inspiring because in light of things not being evident in the material physical world, it’s still upholding honor.”

Although Jaime is the only person Brienne has a connection to in King’s Landing, and perhaps the only one who truly understands her, Gwendoline believes that reminding him of that promise isn’t just a ploy to keep Jaime in her life. “I can see your point, but I don’t think that that is conscious… It’s not at the forefront of her mind and I think what’s delightful about that character is that she is so unaware of that side of things. She’s so unaware of what this relationship might mean and when she does allow her thoughts to wander, she’s embarrassed and she’s scared of it.”

Jaime may not be her only friend in King’s Landing, in the premiere episode we saw Brienne approach the Tyrell ladies. When face to face with Margaery, the future queen herself, Brienne feels the immediate urge to tell her the truth about what happened to Renly. Gwendoline explains why Brienne felt the need to unburden herself of that: “I think that Brienne is a very genuine character and it would weigh very heavily on her mind that there was — she knows few people there and one of the people that she does know there is a woman that, perhaps, would have a poor opinion of her, born of out of something — an event that she’s very confused about. Because we’re dealing with the supernatural, and the two other people that were there are dead, and the one person that was associated with it – Margaery – is there. To an extent it’s unburden, but it’s very important for it to be known how genuine she is in her affiliations and she is a woman of honor.”

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