AxeyFabulous! “Two Swords” reviewed

Better Nate than lever! Episode 2 of AxeyFabulous reviews “Two Swords”:

This and other harrowing tales after the cut.

So apparently life on the ol’ YouTube can be a bizarre and confounding experience.

Hidden amidst all the review shows and comedic-critical offerings (such as “Cinema Sins” or anything done by ComicbookGirl19) is a little-known legal clause that basically says: If you use any sort of copyrighted material, your video can be removed without notice.

(Which is weird, seeing how MANY freaking YouTube shows show scenes or use stills, etc.)

The HappyCool family has mandated no copyrighted material be used, lest they be subjected to YouTube’s dreaded “three strike” rule. That mandate put a crimp in this latest review, as I came eagerly to the home base in Van Nuys, CA, with a boatload of ideas–most of which included pictures of various actors and clips of specific scenes.


So… I changed some stuff and we winged it. I was able to sneak in a photoshop of that lovely Joffers statue, mostly on account of the fact that no one in their right mind would confuse my face with Jack Gleeson’s. But I found this little crimp in my plans slightly annoying.

(It’s one of those, “Well THEY’RE all getting away with it, why can’t WE??” situations.)

In future days, I hope to have the review of any given show up for the viewing public before the day prior to the very next episode. Live and learn.

I do enjoy that with every mistake I make, I can immediately scamper over to WiC and rail about it. It’s sort of a unique platform, as far as GoT review shows goes.

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