New Game of Thrones Filming Dates In Dubrovnik

So far, the Croatian filming in Dubrovnik has stubbornly focused on Essos. But it looks like good news on the horizon for those fans of Westeros, despite everything that’s happened there. According to Englishman In Dubrovnik, filming for King’s Landing starts tomorrow.

There’s a ton of unofficial locations at the link for each day of filming between now and October 3rd. Tomorrow, according to the list is “Above the Pile Gate entrance,” followed by “Ulica od Kaštela (Kastela Street)” on Thursday. Unfortunately, they don’t tell us what scenes are being filmed where, only street closures. But one can use the above map, which was released by the Dubrovnik Tourist board for the throngs of visitors they get this time of year hoping for a glimpse of their favorite series, along with the guide below, and maybe figure it out?

Speculate away!


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