Dornish Are Coming: Schedule of Seville Closures For Filming

The website for the Alcázar of Seville has posted a detailed schedule of closures in the area for Game of Thrones filming next month. Starting on October 6th and running through to the 18th, sections of the grounds will be cut off to casual tourists, as the production finds itself in Dorne for the first time. Looking at the picture above, I’m really excited to see the Water Gardens come to life here.

Maps of the closures, after the jump.

Looking at the pictures, the first three days only see a center section of the grounds as cut off, so it seems as if those who suddenly feel the urge to take a week off to go to Dorne might be able to get in close enough for pictures.

The 10th and the 11th look to be the worst days to visit, and probably the hardest to get any footage. Those days the entire grounds will be cut off to outside viewers. Thankfully it’s only those two days. On the 12th, the cut off section returns to the four by four section of garden from the first few days of filming.

From October 13th onward, this is the cut off map, with everything to the left side of the grounds open to the public, and everything to the right closed.

Even so, I’ll bet there will be good behind the scenes shots that Dornish tourists could get. If you’re planning to be one of them, send us a raven!