Preparations in Sevilla Underway for Dorne

The Game Of Thrones production team has arrived in Spain. Work has started to prepare the Alcázar of Seville to be turned into the southern-most land of Westeros, Dorne. According to ABCdeSevilla,the production team arrived yesterday, and got to work cutting off areas of the outside gardens that will serve as the seat of House Martell, and Prince Doran’s favorite relaxing spot, the famous Water Gardens.

The schedule, as far as we knew from the closures, started yesterday, and runs through most of the month of October. It turns out these first few days (where the map only shows a small area of closure) are prep days. Principle filming doesn’t start until October 10th, which, as you may remember from the maps we posted, is when the Gardens shut down to visitors completely.

They also have a gallery of the production crew getting to work on location. Highlights, after the jump.

For Spain, Sevilla and Dorne aren’t the only thing on the menu. Scenes from Essos will also be filmed here, in the nearby area of Osuna. Those scenes will feature both Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke, since they revolve around Tyrion’s being enslaved by Yezzan zo Qaggaz and his time in the circus troop, which performs in Meereen. ABCdeSevilla has confirmed that not only will the Tyrion double the show was casting for a while back be on set, but so will Dinklage himself, as well as Clarke.

Anyone feel like a Dornish vacation? Or taking some time off in Essos? If you are, and have pictures and stories to tell, send us a raven!