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The WiCnet Awards: Season 4’s Best Death Scene

Welcome back to the Fourth Annual WiCnet Awards. Last week’s WiCCiE went to Maisie Williams, who basically ran away with the competition for Best Performance As A Youth. This week, we’re looking at one of my favorites, “Best Death Scene In Season 4.” This was a year with lots of high profile deaths, as those who did not win the Game Of Thrones succumbed to the obvious alternative in a variety of creative ways. Who died best?

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Feel free to argue your favorite out in the comments. Remember, we’ll be announcing the winners of each poll the following week, so vote early! This week’s poll closes on Wednesday October 15th at midnight EST.

Next week’s category is “Best Villain in Season 4.” As always, we’ll be taking nominations in the comments section.



  • Hodor

    This was a hard one to choose although the standout death was the Red Vipers.
    The Vipers death had the most tension with the anticipation leading to the fight, the fight and then the climactic ending. It was shocking and heartbreaking.
    Joffreys death was satisfying in that it felt like well deserved comme-uppance and Tywins was rather the same, but they were still dramatic and it was sad to see all these great actors leave the show.

  • Just to add. We didn’t actually see Sandor die in his final scene. He certainly looked like he was dying but I don’t remember seeing him dead.

  • Oberyn’s death was certainly dramatic, but it was just BAM, a quick twist and then it’s over. Joffrey’s death was much more drawn out, with dialogue, action and even multiple side plots (Sansa’s escape, the accusation of Tyrion) going on DURING the death, plus a haunting image every bit as memorable as the image of Oberyn’s death. I vote Joffrey.

    We didn’t see Sandor die, so I agree with those who say that shouldn’t be on the list.

    Tywin I refuse to consider; I was so upset by the radical change in that entire scene from what had happened in the books that the emotional impact of it pretty much blew right by me. Boo on that scene. And I hope not to see many votes for that sappy and weightless Ygritte death scene.

    • For The Hound, call it a “Best Death Or Dying Scene” if that’s what it takes for you to believe it counts.

  • Rowan Kaiser,

    Also yes, I’m with anyone who believes that Clegane’s still alive. But that would mean that NOT mentioning him would be a spoiler. Kinda damned-if-we-do, damned-if-we-don’t thanks to Martin’s increasing penchant for faux-deaths.

  • Hodor’s Dragon,

    Hodor’s Dragon,

    I’m sorry if I misimterpreted your statement, but how exactly did Tywins death scene radically differ from the book’s depiction? Or perhaps your referring to the scene that preceded it, involving Jaime’s confession?

  • I voted for Joffrey- Jack’s amazing acting made that scene! But I also particularly enjoyed Lysa and Sandor’s death/dying scenes. On the Lysa thing, I was waiting for “Only Cat” from the books so on first view I was temporarily lurched out of the moment, but on second view I found the scene extremely compelling. Ditto for Arya and Sandor.

  • Sooooo I voted for Tywin and then immediately regretted it after reading Hodor’s Dragon’s comment. You are spot on sir. I had forgotten about the way the emotional impact of that scene was diminished by the exclusion of the Tysha back story. Charles Dance is such a fabulous actor and I love/loathe Tywin Lannister that I just instinctively placed my vote.

    In thinking about it again, I gotta go with Sandor. They way he pokes and prods Arya to “end it” is both beautiful and disgusting. He is grasping at straws until that final moment she walks away. Since it was less quick and brutal than some of the other death scenes, it relied on wonderful and delicate acting. It was well done in my opinion.

    Runner up goes to Joffrey.

  • Winner: Sandor Clegane. While we didn’t see his last breath, we were lead to believe that he would die, and the characters certainly believed that. Is there more for Clegane? A dramatic rescue by Sansa and Littlefinger while on tour of the land? Maybe.

    Jojen’s death was awesome. Probably the best skeletons in cinema or TV.

    Tywin Lannister’s death was a bore, his character never changed apart from some minimal development while alongside Arya at Harrenhall.

    Oberon’s death was not good. Reversals like that are not common in real fights.

  • Grenn, Joffrey, and Sandor had fine final moments this year. But it’s not even close, because this season had a death scene for the ages. Who gave the order?

  • Tywins death could and dhouldve been the greatest thing ever, but both writers and director fuc*ed it up!
    The dialog which could be awesome was just back and forth “ur my son” “im ur son” and his dying took only 2 seconds, just a shot from above and boom gone ,
    It was lazy writing and rushed directing!

    Joffrys scene was good, but for a show that goes out of its way to stab a pregnant woman, not including him ripping his own throat was also questionable.

  • Shawn Simpson:
    Hodor’s Dragon,

    Hodor’s Dragon,

    I’m sorry if I misimterpreted your statement, but how exactly did Tywins death scene radically differ from the book’s depiction? Or perhaps your referring to the scene that preceded it, involving Jaime’s confession?

    Yes, it was different primarily because Tyrion and Jaime had not had their confrontation, but that not only changed Tyrion’s mood, it changed the conversation in Tywin’s death scene. In the book, they were talking about Tysha. In the show, they were talking about Shae. Apparently, Tyrion got all upset and killed Tywin for calling Shae a whore. Que?

  • To act in a death scene without getting sentimental is hard work. Therefore I choose the Hound, hoping that the directors/Mr.Martin will come to the conclusion it would be a shame not to see this actor any more….or, as Maisie Williams put it; in Westeros, you are only dead when you actually SEE the dagger in the heart..