Septa Unella cast, giving hope for missing characters?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on news of the King’s Landing filming in Dubrovnik, you may have noticed a recurring face in a Septa’s costume. We’d picked the character as Septa Unella, while a recent update from Watchers On The Wall has marked the actress as Hannah Waddingham.

The increasing importance of religion in A Feast For Crows led to the creation of four named Septa characters: Moelle, Aglantine, Helicent, and Unella. It’s possible–and probably wise–for Game Of Thrones to merge them or have only one be the focus point.

As for Waddingham herself, she’s had scattered roles in television in the past, but her primary focus seems to have been the stage, particularly musical theater. Still, the Game Of Thrones casting department has done a good enough job over the four years that they’ve more than earned the benefit of the doubt.

In terms of the news that relatively important characters are still being cast and added even at this date, some speculation below….

No specific spoilers below, but I will mention some names and concepts that may be a little sullying…

There are two major storylines from A Dance With Dragons whose lack of casting news makes them seem like they’ll either be seriously changed in Season 5, delayed toward Season 6, or cut out entirely. But the fact that plot-important, if not screentime-important characters are being added now, though if they didn’t show up in the initial batch of casting news can give us some hope that Wyman Manderly or the Griffs could yet show up. I could see the latter being pushed to Season 6, but continuing the story in the North without the former seems difficult.

Still, we haven’t heard anything about casting on this front, while Unella was leaked early on. I may just be living in hope.

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