Filming delayed as part of Osuna set collapses

Bad news for Game Of Thrones out of Osuna, as high winds on Sunday caused unforeseen delays. The green screen behind the spectators stands collapsed, and filming is currently suspended while the production picks up the pieces and put them back together. According to abcdesevilla, the production was surprised by how strong the winds were Sunday morning, but tried to go ahead with filming anyway. The collapse happened around noon. They hope to resume filming as soon as possible.

But some filming did happen over the weekend. We’ve got pictures, including Emilia Clarke, and Michiel Huisman and Peter Dinklage below.

For those looking for a “before” image, here’s the greenscreen in happier times, on Saturday before the winds took it out. Via Juego de Tronos FB page.

These photos are from MetroNews, which they posted yesterday.

A shot of Huisman, Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel on break. Huisman is in his full Daario outfit.

Clarke, on the other hand, is not. Unless skinny jeans are in for Fall in Meereen? I mean, she has brought changes to their fair city. Freed the slaves, conquered with dragons, why not western fashions circa the turn of the century? It’ll give the Masters something new to protest.

Even though the winds are high, the sun is still very hot. It’s good to see that (unlike some shows with water bottle incidents) Game Of Thrones has not banned them from the set.

(Personally, I love the colorful umbrellas the cast use between sets. This looks like they’re going to break into a musical number at any moment.)

Potential spoiler for another character involved in this scene below:

Tyrion, stripped of his Lannister finery. (Although this looks like it might be a double and not actually Dinklage? Compare it with this picture of Dinkalge leaving the hotel, and tell me what you think.) Every time I see pictures of Tyrion for Season 5, I always remember how Dinklage initially refused to have a beard on the show, because he didn’t want those stereotypical “fantasy dwarf” tropes. Of course, now, being on the lam, and needing to disguise himself, it only makes sense the character would grow his beard out into a full scruffy look.

Let’s hope the production gets back on track today. If you hear any news, or are in Osuna and have pictures of filming, let us know!