New revealing pictures from Daznak’s Pit

You may remember a couple of weeks back, The Daily Mail got a hold of pictures from filming a gladiator type scene in Daznak’s Pit in Osuna’s  Plaza del Toro. These looked to be from one of the major scenes from the Meereenese storyline in the upcoming Season 5; though the details were different, they hewed somewhat to a scene that does appear in A Dance with Dragons. There were a few pictures in the collection that confused people–but the presence of water bottles and the Mail report suggested this was just the main cast taking a break in the closest shaded area. (This picture especially looks pretty on-break like.)

Well, now we have a couple of new shots that suggest even more changes to this plot line. They are below. What follows is both show and book spoilers plus a bit of my own speculation as to what we are seeing, so please be advised before you click.

These pictures come to us via

Let’s play “What do we know?”

We know from the pictures we posted earlier that Dany is sitting up in the stands with Hizdahr zo Loraq (played by Joel Fry.) His golden robes and her striking change in outfit from her regular blue brocades to pure white suggests this scene correlates to the scene in the books where Dany weds zo Loraq, whereupon the fighting pits are reopened to celebrate. We will not reveal how that all turns out here, but suffice to say the celebration doesn’t go the way either zo Loraq or Dany planned.

Now, in the books, Jorah is not one of those who is sent into the pits to fight, nor is Tyrion–in ADWD, they are outside the Walls of Meereen during the wedding, busy with their own plot line wherein they are escaping the slave master that bought them. So it was already a huge change to the novels when we saw those pictures of Jorah in the pit fighting, or that Tyrion was involved with this scene at all. These new pictures where Jorah and Dany meet again, with Dany down on the floor of the pit and Jorah racing to protect her are very interesting. Note that whatever is happening (which I assume involves the return of Drogon), it has also caused massive chaos in the stands and also resulted in Unsullied soldiers lying dead, and the upper classes of Meereen fleeing in terror.

We’ll have to wait until Season 5 starts to put all the pieces together. But from what is suggested here, it looks like both Dany and Tyrion’s stories are being streamlined down very efficiently from ADWD, and the big climax of Dany’s story will function as one of the big climaxes of the entire season. I’m really looking forward to it.